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Nov 21 2012

New Jersey FTMFW!!!11!!ELEBNETY!!1!!1111!!!!

A behind-the-scenes political maneuver by Newark Mayor Cory Booker to fill a vacant council seat with his choice led to a near-riot in city hall tonight, with dozens of residents rushing the council stage and police responding with pepper-spray. After weeks of jockeying for Rep. Donald Payne’s successor, Booker made an unprecedented personal appearance to …

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Nov 19 2012

Twitter Question

What percent of all tweeters are fake spam shitte? More than 50%?

Nov 19 2012

Why Would Anyone Pay Good Money To A Rich Asshole Like This Just To Be Treated Like Crappe?

Rihanna’s multinational tour also ran into trouble last night (18 November) at Berlin’s E-Werk venue when a late start led to booing crowds. The audience, many of whom had been waiting since 8pm for her scheduled 9pm start, were disgruntled to still be waiting for the pop star’s arrival onstage at 11.30pm. DJs Congo Rock …

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Nov 18 2012

Political Journalism At Its Finest

It is fucken hilarious that blue-eyed granny-starver Paul Ryan and his grim rage-drunk rich asshole running-mate got fucken *destroyed* in Ryan’s own goddamn motherfucken home town. But what’s even more interesting to me is the following sentence from the LA Times article: Ryan, a rising Republican star despite last week’s vice presidential loss, frequently invoked …

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Nov 18 2012

Fucke The Motherfucken New York Times

The New York Times has a pretty good article out today about the effect of the repeal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” rule on student life in the military academies. But when the fucken fucke are the goddamn shittewadde editors gonna get it through their thicke motherfucken skulls that everything that has anything to …

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Nov 17 2012

Reason Number Kajillion Fuckebillion To Be Glad That Grim Vicious Fuckebagge Romney Got His Asse Handed To Him

Nov 14 2012

Your “Liberal Media” At Work On The “Fiscal Cliff”

If the two sides do not reach a deal by the end of the year, tax rates on income and investments will rise for all Americans and government programs from the military to education will face deep, across-the-board cuts. A broad range of business tax breaks for everything from wind power to research costs would …

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Nov 13 2012

Omelette Hierarchy

The best omelette known to humanity is the feta cheese omelette, and not with spinach.

Nov 11 2012

Penne Bolognese


INGREDIENTS one pound smooth penne three fourths pound of ground pork/veal/beef mix half cup diced pancetta half cup diced onion half cup diced carrot half cup diced celery eight large garlic cloves, diced olive oil fresh-ground black pepper fresh-grated nutmeg salt one cup dry white wine three fourths cup veal or beef stock two thirds …

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Nov 11 2012

High Water


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