1. Jay says

    It seems to bother you that political opponents in times of crisis can work together.

    I am not sure where that comes from, can you clarify?

  2. eeke says

    As much as I can’t stand Christie, I do like seeing elected officials acting like grownups. It’s about fuckin time.

  3. Jay says

    Okaye, whil I go fucke myselfe, maybe you can clarify your homophobia:

    “Obama and Christie looked like they were about to start feeling each other up.”

    Or is it okaye becaus you consider yourself liberale?

  4. edmundog says

    I may not like Christie on any of his political stances, but he’s been nailing it on all this. You are being a homophobic shittesackke.

  5. blindrobin says

    Christie, while he has some really distorted views and policies, is none the less a leader, and takes his responsibilities as governor seriously. That said he is also a very good politician and politicians always consider the optics of their actions.

    Politics makes one a cynic and creepy.

  6. dan4 says

    “Obama and Christie look like they were about to start feeling each other up.”

    Classy, mature comment. Which one are you, Beavis or Butthead?

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