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Sep 11 2012

Why Atheism+ Is Necessary

This comment by Stevarious on a previous post is perfect, so I am lifting it up and publishing it here. And honestly, if you don’t get that this is 100% correct, then you are nothing but a delusional selfish fuckebagge: As yet, no one has even tried to explain how combining atheism (unpopular) with social …

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Sep 10 2012

College Football Is A Subversive Collectivist Plot To Destroy America From Within!!!11!1!!11!!

No, really. It totally is.

Sep 09 2012

White D00ds And Creative/Progressive Communities

The pattern in creative/progressive communities–scitech, literature, social movements, etc–is that when the complete unfettered dominance of white d00ds to both set substantive agendas and control the allocation of material and intellectual resources is challenged, many of those white d00ds go ballistic at the threat to their privilege. And they attempt to cloak this obvious power …

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Sep 04 2012

Reason Number Fiveteen Kajillion Fucktillion Not To Go Anywhere Near Faceshitte

From Dear Prudence (and yes, the advice she gives generally suckes shitte and is grossly het-cis-nuclear-family-infested): Q. Crazy Sister-in-Law: My sister-in-law has created Facebook personalities for her two dogs and her cat. Her “animals” repeatedly friend request my son and my daughter, who are in their late teens. My kids don’t want to friend their …

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Sep 02 2012

Lying: Baked Into The Republican DNA

These fucken republican scum just lie about anything and everything, even if it doesn’t fucken matter. It’s just their natural go-to method for engaging reality.

Sep 01 2012

Rigatoni With Shrimp And Purple Onion


INGREDIENTS one medium purple onion, chopped one and a half pounds shrimp, chopped shitteloades of basil, chopped juice of half a lime fresh-ground pepper dried red pepper flakes dried thyme dried oregano one cup of dry white wine salt olive oil one pound rigatoni parmigiano reggiano for grating Shrimp and onions and whatnot. Sautee the …

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