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Aug 25 2012

Home-Schooling Versus Public Education

Shorter Tenured Radical: Right-wing extremist republican scum prize home-schooling and hate public education because they explicitly desire a populace that is as greedy, ignorant, and bigoted as possible, with the goal of serving their combined theocratic and plutocratic ends by preventing knowlegeable engaged citizenship.

Aug 24 2012

Things Not To Do

Tell someone who has had a headache for a few days that they probably have a brain tumor.

Aug 22 2012


Aug 22 2012

Public Disclosure Of FreeThoughtBlogges Organizational Rules

Freethoughtblogs Rules These are provisional rules. We’re going to implement them now, and in March 2013, after they’ve had a fair trial, we’ll consider revisions. Freethoughtblogs is a community of bloggers who share a goal: the advancement of secularism through argument and discussion. To achieve that goal, we also value diversity (reaching every element of …

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Aug 19 2012

Pissing Offe Your Elders

Aug 19 2012


UPDATE: This is the first song I ever heard Jack White do–and it’s a nice cover of this excellent tune–so I went and checked out his other shit, and goddamn, this motherfucker is goddamn horrendous and boring. My understanding is that he is famous or something, but he fucken suckes total shitte. No idea why …

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Aug 19 2012



Aug 19 2012

Shrimp Verde Enchiladas


INGREDIENTS two and a half pounds of tomatillos four poblano peppers eight serrano peppers two habanero peppers one and a half pounds of shrimp two medium red onions fuckeloades of garlic cloves salt and pepper cumin coriander paprika oregano hot spicy chile powder queso fresco olive oil cilantro fresh corn tortillas (ours were as usual …

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Aug 18 2012

Skeptical D00ds Are Not Skeptical About Their Own Gross Misogyny

I was exactly what a Boy’s Club wanted. I was a young, not-hideous woman who passionately supported their cause. I made them look diverse without them having to address their minority-repelling privilege. They liked that I joked about sex and boobs not because it was empowering for me, but because they saw it as a …

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Aug 17 2012

Academic Departmental Political Economics

Academic departments are pretty much always run like some crude communist state, where they take-take-take as much as they can from the productive faculty–whether that means funding, teaching, or administrative service–and give-give-give to the unproductive. I grinne and bear this shitte with the expectation that some day I will be one of the hapless olde …

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