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Trickle-Down Economics For Fucken Dummies

Richeasse motherfuckers and massive corporations are already sitting on vast piles of cash that they are not spending on purchase of goods and labor. Cutting their taxes further does nothing but increase the size of these vast piles of cash and make them richer without influencing the overall economy. If you increase their taxes and structure them appropriately, then you provide an incentive to spend more of that money on purchase of goods and labor before it gets taxed.

And if the government takes the tax revenues it receives from richeasse motherfuckers and massive corporations and spends it on goods and labor to rebuild and maintain our crumbling national infrastructure, that money goes out into the economy where people use it to fucken buy more shitte from richeasse motherfuckers and massive corporations. This is a virtuous cycle that increases the so-called velocity of money in the economy, which allows the overall economy to grow.

Right now the vast majority of money in the economy is trapped in vast stagnant pools–the pockets of richeasse motherfuckers and massive corporations. Cutting their taxes further does nothing but increase the depth of these vast stagnant pools.

SET THE FUCKEN MONEY FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Roux Brownwell says

    “A corporation is a large pile of money
    which wants to become a larger pile of money.”
    –P.J. O’Rourke
    –by any means necessary.

  2. Chebag says

    So you are in favor of a massive transfer of wealth from those who have earned it, fair and square through the sweat of their brow, to a bunch of layabouts who can’t be bothered to get rich by earning it?

  3. Hairy Chris, blah blah blah etc says

    Hey, the money does trickle down. To bankers based in the British Virgin Islands. What’s the problem?

  4. Kate from Iowa says

    *hugs you* Why is it no one else is saying this out loud? We’re all thinking it (or should be.)

    Your next bottle of Templeton Rye is on me! (If you can pry it from my cold dead hands after the Tea Partiers work me into the grave, cut off my heat and starve me to death.)

  5. Beaker says

    The recent article in Rolling Stone by Matt Taibbi has the following money quote concerning the rise of vulture capitalism:

    “For the first time, the ability to make deals became more valuable than the ability to make stuff. And the ability to instantly engineer billions in illusory financing trumped the comparatively slow process of making and selling products for gradual returns.”

    We need a tax scheme that punishes the former group without hurting the latter. Raising the capital gains tax and closing loopholes for the super-rich is a good means to achieve this.

  6. janeymack says

    No, Chebag, the point is that the people sitting on those big piles of money need to actually create jobs with some of it, or pay taxes that the government can then use to create jobs, so that the “layabouts,” who are mostly laying about because they can’t find a job, have a chance to earn some money, too. Most people on unemployment or welfare would be quite happy to get off the dole and make an honest living if there were jobs to do. And with the crumbling infrastructure in this country, there are plenty of jobs that need doing, if only there was some money available to pay for them to be done. Money circulating in the economy does a hell of a lot more good for a hell of a lot more people than money stashed away not doing anything.

    (And most of the people sitting on the big piles of money haven’t done a whole lot of “sweating” to earn it, anyway.)

  7. fuckesatonne says

    Right on, janeymack (and CPP).

    This idea that the unemployed are “layabouts” is fucking ridiculous. They can’t find a job precisely because wealthy motherfuckers are not spending the money they have already fucking stolen from us by doing all the shit Matt Taibbi writes about: making deals (some of them 100% dishonest and illegal) to bilk investors out of their cash. That is what caused the 2008 crash and the consequent massive unemployment rates, from which we have yet to recover.

    It is HIGH TIME that people realized that taxing the wealthy is good for the economy, good for people in general, and even good for the *honest* wealthy. It’s not taking from the haves and giving to the have-nots. It’s ESSENTIAL for a healthy economy. We need to force our government to raise taxes on the wealthy ASAP.

  8. says

    So you are in favor of a massive transfer of wealth from those who have earned it, fair and square through the sweat of their brow, to a bunch of layabouts who can’t be bothered to get rich by earning it?

    lol “fair and square through the sweat of their brow”? I have yet to see a single actual example of anyone getting rich by their own work alone. There is usually a copious amount of corporate welfare involved. if it isn’t direct (like for agribuisiness subsidies) then it is indirect (like tax funded r&d that results in salable technology- that is why we have things like COMPUTERS).

    then there is the fact that the rich are just a middle man between people making a product/service and people buying it. A rich person (no matter how many pairs of bootstraps they own) is fucked without everyone else being in good enough standing to work and purchase things.

  9. Kemist says

    So you are in favor of a massive transfer of wealth from those who have earned it, fair and square through the sweat of their brow, to a bunch of layabouts who can’t be bothered to get rich by earning it?

    There are still mentally capable adults who believe that rich people “earned their money through the sweat of their brow” ?

    The only sweating they’ve ever done is at a gym or spa.

    Most of those piviledged asses don’t and never did clean their own houses, cook their own meals or mow their own fucken lawns. The, erm… “layabouts”… do that for ‘em – and if you think to get rich by personnaly sweating over lawns (something which I did for rather disappointing compensation as a teenager), your naiveté would be cute if it were not especially harmful.

  10. Kemist says

    Another thing I would add is that “employed” does not mean “not poor”.

    A lot of the people lining up at food pantries do work – minimum wage, thankless, often physically hard jobs, the kind that does make you sweat for real and breaks down your body until you become an orthopedic surgeon’s wet dream.

  11. Chebag says

    Anne Romney totally cleans her own house. Didn’t you listen to her speech? Not a storybook marriage at all. You layabouts are just jealous, plain and simple. Remember the wealthy pay like 75% of the taxes in this country. Maybe 77% even.

  12. Chebag says

    You know what? We need more user fees. Pay as you go. That would damp down you liberals’ thirst for government handouts forthwith. I can see you people sweating now, thinking about having to actually pay your own way.

  13. Kemist says

    You know what? We need more user fees. Pay as you go.


    It’s your own damn fault you’re stuck with a genetic disease that needs medical surveillance, rhumatoid polyarthritis, MS, or cancer at the ripe old age of 22, you slacker. Just suck it up already.

    It’s waaayyyy more important that rich fuckers be able to afford a third gold-plated yacht than for a poor sick person to get the care he/she needs to be somewhat funtionnal or even survive. Or a bit a food. Or some kind of roof over their heads.

    My eyes are just tearing up thinking about the absolute misery of the rich.

    You know what ?

    Let’s have a fund raising event.

    We’ll call it “Run for the Yacht”.

  14. FLGATOR says

    The rich stay rich and the poor get poorer every year. The US has a great poor tax program its called the powerball lottery.

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