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Jun 24 2012

Red Chile Pork Tacos


INGREDIENTS three pound boneless pork butt five dried ancho chiles five dried chipotle chiles two habanero peppers (really fucken hotte) two long light-green chiles (not hotte) four long red chiles (kind of hotte) shitteloads of garlic cloves teaspoon ground cumin teaspoon ground coriander tablespoon dried oregano two bay leaves one pint veal or chicken stock …

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Jun 23 2012

Semiotics of Mad Men

The appeal of Mad Men is that it allows the viewer to revel in the good old days of gross misogyny and racism and boozeing and harrassing hotte chickes at work, while pretending to be ironic and critical and edgy.

Jun 22 2012


Jun 20 2012

Catte Under Lampe


Jun 20 2012

Fucken HOTTE!!!!!!!!!!


Jun 20 2012

Ruining Public Art


Jun 18 2012

Fusilli With Mushroom Ragu And Basket Ricotta (VEGETARIAN!)


INGREDIENTS one pound fusilli one pound mushrooms, roughly diced one small/medium white onion, diced one large and one small can crushed San Marzanos one half cup Templeton’s rye one basket ricotta (about three fourths pound) chopped basil dried thyme, oregano, basil crushed red pepper flakes fresh-ground black pepper salt olive oil parmigiano reggiano for grating …

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Jun 17 2012

TRIPLE SWEEP!!!!11!11!!1!

Jun 17 2012


A commenter at some shittehole blogge keeps referring to President Obama as a “jackanapes”, and I am trying to determine whether this is a racist slur. Based on my understanding of the history of this word, I am coming down on the side of concluding that absolutely yes, it is a grossly racist slur. Any …

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Jun 13 2012


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