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May 19 2012

HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! W))T!!!111!!!

May 19 2012

Cool Tribute to Donna Summer

At the Yankees-Reds seventh-inning stretch last night, instead of playing the usual horrible Kate Smith rendition of God Bless America, they played a recording of Donna Summer doing it. (And yeah, it disgusts me that they play this fucken jingoistic jeezus freak shitte at ball games in the first place, but whaddya gonna do?)

May 17 2012


May 17 2012


May 16 2012

Fucken WordPress

Can someone explain to me why all of a sudden the “Follow comments on this post by e-mail” checkbox is now default populated on every WordPress blogge that I comment on, and I have to fucken uncheck the goddamn motherfucken box exery time I leave a comment, and if I forget to uncheck it I …

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May 12 2012

Orthodox Jews Join The Catholic Church In Protecting Child Sex Abusers

These orthodox fuckers–like all religious fuckes–are scum: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/12/nyregion/bloomberg-among-critics-of-brooklyn-district-attorney.html Religion is among the worst human impulses, up there with war, rape, murder, torture, and genocide.

May 09 2012

Bullshitteing Yourself

If you really believe your fucken grant application is “paradigm shifting”, 99 percent chance you are a delusional motherfucken crank.

May 07 2012


It was absolutely fine that Hamills plunked Harper. And then Harper punished him by scoring that inning. And then the Nats’ pitcher plunked a Phillie later in the game. It’s all part of the game behind the game that adds to the romance and interest of baseball. But dude, they are called “unwritten rules” for …

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May 07 2012

Purple Thingie Revealed

What the fucke is this purple thingie??? People homed in on the correct answer extremely quickly, and even taught *me* a few things about it I didn’t know. The first to correctly guess that it is a surveillance trap for emerald ash borers was commenter chezjake. It is hung on an ash tree and is …

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May 07 2012

Purple Thingie


Anybody who can figure out what this purple thingie hanging from a tree in Central Park gets a prize: You get to ask me any question you want, and I will answer it on the blogge.

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