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Apr 18 2012

Scientific Research Integrity At An All-Time Low?

I keep hearing this asserted, but I see zero evidence that it is the case. What is clearly the case is that there is now an all-time vastly greater ability for interested sleuths to reveal failures of research integrity (e.g., by image analysis, sophisticated statistical analysis, etc).

Apr 17 2012

Scourges Of The Blogosphere (In Order Of Horribleness)

(1) Reverse chronological order commenting. (2) Threaded commenting. (3) Blogspot.com

Apr 16 2012

Penne All’Arrabiata (Vegetarian)


INGREDIENTS one pound penne one large and one small can crushed san marzanos one half medium white onion, diced fucketonne garlic, diced shitteloade of basil, chopped one and one quarter cup dry white wine fresh-ground black pepper crushed red pepper flakes dried oregano salt olive oil one half cup grated parmigiano reggiano piave cheese for …

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Apr 16 2012

Fallout From The Bush Administration’s Extreme Hackification Of The Federal Civil Service

This article about the GSA fiasco contained an absolutely stunning statement by its ousted head, Martha Johnson: She noted in her testimony that she served with the GSA for five years during the administration of another Democratic president, Bill Clinton. Johnson said during her first GSA tour, the agency had a strong leadership team that …

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Apr 16 2012

Reader Poll For Academics

Who has ever done the following? You are sitting in an academic seminar, and one of the other audience members asks the speaker a stupid question, and the question is so fucken stupid that the speaker can’t even comprehend it, but you do, so you just take the fucke over and answer the question.

Apr 15 2012

More Celebrating!!11!1!


Apr 15 2012

Fusillo Gigante With Pink Clam Sauce


INGREDIENTS one pound fusillo gigante five cans Snow-brand chopped clams (do not use Bar Harbor-brand; they are inedible) one can Bookbinder’s clam juice one small can crushed san marzanos hugeasse fuckeloade diced garlic olive oil fresh-ground black pepper dried thyme dried oregano juice from one half lemon crushed red pepper flakes Indian fart salt salt …

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Apr 15 2012

Cooleasse Dress


Apr 14 2012



Apr 12 2012

The Toxicity Of Religious Belief Systems

Batocchio of Vagabond Scholar has an excellent post up today analyzing the hypocrisy of their demands for special political privileges that theocratic religious authoritarians constantly make. The whole thing is worth reading, as Batocchio is one of the best long-form bloggers out there. However, this assertion of his really caught my eye, as it starkly …

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