Apr 28 2012

Filthy Republican Scum Destroy Everything They Touch

Ask yourself why the United States of America no longer has the ability to launch a woman or man into space.


  1. 1

    That shitte is so beautiful!!!

  2. 2

    Because Democrats have been bitching for 40 years that NASA’s budget should go to social programs, mebbe? I am as far from a fan of the GOP as you can get, but they are generally more supportive of manned space flight than the Dems.

  3. 3

    The Mars rover and other such things are a far better investment in space research than risking a person’s life by sending them out into space instead. We still benefit from the advances in engineering and technology that are needed for these goals. One could argue that the same is true for manned spaceflight, but at least this other approach doesn’t carry a high risk of killing people. I don’t know whether NASA has ever recovered from blowing up a high school teacher and her crew mates in 1986, or from the Columbia disaster, etc.

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