You Should Need A License To Use The Internet

Some fucken ridiculous shittebagge just e-mailed me what purports to be a “flyer” announcing some stupid motherfucken event thatte I’d sooner drive nails through my dicke than attend. The motherfucken file is EIGHTEEN motherfucken megabytes, and it is some kind of “.pub” file which I don’t even know whatte the fucken fucke thatte is, and I certainly have no program that can open the motherfucken thing.

And this same fucken ridiculous shittebagge is constantly e-mailing absurdly large files for no goddamn good reason. Like when we have a motherfucken journal club, she fucken SCANS IN THE GODDAMN PAPERS AT LIKE 1200 PPI and e-mails the goddamn motherfucken 50MB scans, when she could goddamn motherfucken e-mail the fucken link to the fucken paper.