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Feb 29 2012

Tea Party Pig People and the National Debt

Stan Collender of Capital Gains and Games can’t figure out why the Tea Party Republicans are so concerned about the national debt and against additional borrowing when interest on rates on Treasury debt is lower than it has ever been, and real interest rates are such that purchasers of Treasury debt are actually paying the …

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Feb 19 2012

Stuffed Manicotti (Vegetarian)


INGREDIENTS fourteen manicotti two cups ricotta one cup grated mozzarella half-cup grated hard cheese (pecorino moliterno and/or parmigiano reggiano) major fuckeloade of fresh basil leaves two jumbo eggs one quarter large white onion, diced six large garlic cloves, diced salt olive oil large pinch dried oregano large pinch dried thyme fresh-ground black pepper fresh-ground long …

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Feb 16 2012


Can someone please explain to me how it can possibly make sense for Mitt Romney to run in motherfucken Michigan–whose economy was undeniably flat-out saved by George W. Bush’s decision to bail out the automobile companies–on a platform of “that was a socialist terrible idea”? I mean is this some kind of Lee Atwater “nigger, …

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Feb 15 2012

When To Submit Your First R01 (i.e., Hugeasse) Grant Application

When I got the asst prof jobbe offer I wanted, I called my close friend–who is now a Hughes investigator and full prof at Rockefeller–and told him about it. He was all like “Have you started writing your R01?” And I was all like “What the fucke are you talking about? I’m fucken drinking!” And …

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Feb 12 2012

Pork Chile Verde


INGREDIENTS two pounds cubed trimmed pork shoulder two pounds tomatillos one head garlic, rough dice one large white onion, rough chop different peppers (see photo), including one habanero, seeded and stemmed extra light olive oil fucketonne of chopped cilantro one pint chicken stock one large splash rye (or bourbon) one cup dry white wine one …

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Feb 11 2012

Kerning FTMFW!!!1!1!!11!!

Feb 11 2012

Moving The Needle On Open-Access Science Publishing

The Open Access supporters who are calling for a boycott of certain non-Open Access journals and–mostly simultaneously–decrying what they see as the undue influence of “Glamour journals” (Science, Cell, Nature, PLoS Biology, and some of the top field-specific journals) are going about this all wrong. You don’t build support for people publishing in non-Open Access …

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Feb 05 2012


Madonna was totally fucken baddeasse!!!!!11!1!!!11!!

Feb 05 2012

Aaron Rodgers’s Voice

Dude sounds like a motherfucken teevee weatherman.

Feb 05 2012

Boycotting Paper Submissions To Glamour Journals

This interesting discussion continues over at Michael Eisen’s blogge, where he asserts the following, which extends the thinking from non-open-access journals to glamour journals in general (such as Science, Nature, and Cell, and even those that are open access, such as PLoS Biology): Encouraging the people we train to focus so exclusively on journal titles …

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