Fucke Christmas And Tim Tebow

I hate motherfucken christmas, and I can’t wait until I don’t have to hear that goddamn motherfucken grating christmas shitte music anymore until next fucken year, when the goddamn fucken shitte starts the fucke up again like a motherfucken goddamn clockwork of hell.

Oh, and by the way, fucke Tim Tebow too, with his goddamn motherfucken sanctimonious displays of his goddamn jeezus shitte. The only reason such a big goddamn motherfucken deal is made of his “faith” is because he’s a goddamn fucken white motherfucker. Black football dudes have been professing their stupid bullshit jeezus shitte for motherfucken *years*, and no one wanted to canonize them. But just because some big stupid lily-white asshole motherfucker does the same goddamn thing, it means something special? Because a bunch of stupid goddamn motherfucken racist white-ass jeezus freak shitteheads are suddenly impressed with what a “nice young christian man” he is? I.E., “not a goddamn nigger” like all those other jeezus freak football players?