Dec 10 2011


This can’t possibly be real, right?????????


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    That was so badly faked, but no more full of obvious lies than any other Republican campaign.

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    Jeff Sherry

    The Blazze is a Glenn Beckian conservative news and opinion outlet.

  3. 3
    Daniel Fincke

    That was so badly faked,

    What was it faking? It was a satire as a lead in to a campaign ad, it wasn’t pretending to be otherwise.

  4. 4

    To what effect? It makes the purveyors of this self indulgent nonsense seem disinterested from airing any genuine grievances they have with the opposition. Much easier to poke fun. Good fun it was though, so, “well done” I say, unless of course there was a serious political agenda here in which case you failed miserably.

  5. 5

    This can’t possibly be real, right?

    It’s real crappy acring, I’ll say that.

  6. 6

    “you’re considered a statistics expert….
    Yes, particularly in the area of Random Chance”

    definitely satire.

  7. 7
    Michael B.

    That was pretty funny up until the last part.

  1. 8
    The Stuff: Martyrs, Heartbeats, Privilege Doodz and Punks « Resisting the Milieu

    [...] almost thought this was something from WorldnutDaily and their birther comrades. Anything is possible with those guys. [...]

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