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Nov 27 2011

Chicken Chile Verde Tamales And Squid Sausage Cannellinis


CHILE VERDE INGREDIENTS two pounds deboned chicken thighs one and a half pounds tomatillos one chilaca pepper five serrano peppers one cup dry white wine three cups chicken stock salt and pepper three quarter cups chopped cilantro vegetable oil Pull off the little jackets and wash the tomatillos well. Broil the tomatillos about four inches …

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Nov 26 2011

Skeptical Hypocrisy

As I read more of the commentary at Pharyngula on the gendered bunny situation, I am starting to realize what is going on there. It appears that you have a large number of d00ds who claim to be “skeptics” who are making all sorts of claims about sexism, misogyny, and women’s oppression–and even claim to …

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Nov 25 2011

Skeptic Cheese Is Skeptical


Nov 25 2011

Skeptic, Skepticize Yourself

There is a very intense discussion going on at Pharyngula right now concerning the reactions to a pro-atheist cartoon that depicted a dialogue between a religious bunny and an atheist bunny in which the atheist bunny is smart and rational and the religious bunny is stupid and irrational. Pretty early in the comment thread discussing …

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Nov 22 2011


Does the New York Times want the rich to be guillotined? As the economy limps along and more attention is paid to the so-called 1 percent, some of the richest New Yorkers have taken to driving around in vehicles that ooze neither wealth nor privilege. But on the inside, the vans may be as lavishly …

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Nov 22 2011

Google Reader Customization


Anybody who spends a lot of time using Google Reader absolutely *must* check out this userscript called Google Reader Absolutely Customizable for Greasemonkey. You can use this to customize just about any aspect of the appearance of Google Reader in your Web browser. Here is what Google Reader looks like on my machine with the …

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Nov 20 2011

Motherfucken Braising And Spanish Squid Rice


INGREDIENTS FOR CHILE-BRAISED PORK SHOULDER four-to-five pound pork butt three large dried ancho chiles one large dried chipotle chile three large dried arbol chiles one large onion, chopped six large cloves garlic, chopped juice of half a large lime juice of half a large tangerine one tablespoon sugar kosher salt or sel gris olive oil …

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Nov 19 2011


Nov 18 2011


Is there any fucken d00d on earth who has ever used the word “prior” as a noun who doesn’t deserve a massive punch right in the motherfucken dicke?

Nov 14 2011

Fucke Facebooke

Fucke facebooke. Why any grown adult would allow this coporation free access to the deepest most intimate details of her life, and to sell that access to other corporations, is beyond me. I’d sooner hammer a thousand nails through my dicke, pour a million gallons of gasoline on it, and light the motherfucker on fire …

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