Nov 02 2011

Garbage Truck Toddler Halloween Costumes

Please report in the comments if you have seen toddlers dressed as garbage trucks for Halloween this year.


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  1. 1

    Have you seen them?

    Toddlers here seem to wear super-boring out-of-the-big-box-store costumes of two highly gendered varieties: superheroes with fake muscles for the boys, and Disney Princess dresses for the girls. Bleh.

    Best costume I saw last night: a grade-school aged kid dressed as a Lost and Found bin (a large cardboard box with old clothes stapled to it to make it look overflowing.) Worst costume (10 years running): teenage thugs wearing dark hoodies.

  2. 2

    Why? Are you missing one?

  3. 3

    No. WTF kinda f-up parent puts their kid in a friggin *garbage truck*??? One of those silly Thomas Trains I can see….but a garbage truck?

  4. 4

    DM – perhaps one of the kid’s parents is a sanitation engineer. Or garbage trucks are more scary than fucking Thomas. Or, those garbage trucks are simply more interesting and cool since they have extra moving parts that pick stuff up and squish it. I mean, it IS Halloween. c’mon.

  5. 5

    “Paul, what do you want to be for Halloween?”
    “Garbage truck!”
    “What about Spider Man?”
    “Garbage truck!”
    “Well, Daddy’s going to be a cowboy”
    “NO! Daddy tow truck!”
    YOU argue with a three year old

  6. 6
    Quentin Robert DeNameland

    look over there!

  7. 7

    My son and I came up with the idea of his costume being of an abused kid one year. Talk about getting some looks!

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