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Oct 19 2011

Bands From The 90s

I am really loving Soundgarden and Cake right now. Candlebox and Creed and Weezer are fucken horrible, though.

Oct 16 2011

Baked Rigatoni With Chipotle Sausage And Goat Ricotta


INGREDIENTS two chipotle pork sausages from here large can crushed san marzanos one pound rigatoni salt and pepper dried oregano olive oil crushed red pepper half cup diced onion six diced cloves of garlic half pound goat ricotta one pound fresh mozzarella fresh basil leaves three fourths cup grated parmigiano reggiano one cup dry white …

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Oct 15 2011

Pepper Chocolates


So far, I’ve tried the milk chocolate and the black pepper chocolate. Both are fucken YUMMMMM!!!!!!!!!

Oct 15 2011

Ragu Risotto


I’ve done this one before, but it is so fucken good I had to do it again! INGREDIENTS quarter cup diced onion quarter cup diced carrot quarter cup diced celery one cup dry white wine three quarter pounds ground meat (veal, beef, pork, lamb, or a mixture) one cup crushed san marzano tomatoes one quart …

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Oct 14 2011

Are You Fucken Kidding Me!?!?!?!?

Armed advisers???? I’m no military historian, but that didn’t really work out so well the last time, did it?

Oct 14 2011

This Is Objectively What Republican Economic Plans Intend


Oct 14 2011

“Iranian” Conspiracy

I have not seen any believable evidence that this supposed “Iranian” conspiracy is anything other than the usual painfully stupid viciously angry motherfucker “conspiring” with FBI agents and their deadbeat sleazy informants who fuel his delusions of destructive grandeur. Anybody got anything that would change my mind?

Oct 13 2011

Universal Law

Do not ever show data in tabular form during a seminar-type presentation. Ever. Period.

Oct 09 2011

Mezze Maniche With Sausage Clam Tomato Cream Sauce

INGREDIENTS half pound sausage three cans chopped clams two cups crushed san marzanos one cup dry white wine quarter cup heavy cream one quarter large white onion, diced six cloves garlic, diced salt and pepper crushed red pepper dried oregano dried thyme olive oil three tablespoons chopped flat parsley one pound mezze maniche hard cheese …

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Oct 09 2011

Fucken Slimeball Motherfuckers

Seeing Bush and Ryan behind home plate makes me want to fucken puke, those fucken asshole scumbagge pieces of right-wing shitte.

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