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Sep 20 2011

What Dumb Fuckes

The National Geographic corporate fucken pigges that bought Scienceblogs have driven out one of the best fucken bloggers on the Internet. Fucken asseholes.

Sep 19 2011

Greatest Relief Pitcher Of All Time

Mariano Rivera just nabbed his 602nd save, the most ever. And he also has 42 post-season saves, the most ever.

Sep 19 2011

Mezze Maniche With Tomatoes And Valdeon


INGREDIENTS quarter pound of valdeon spanish bleu cheese (cow plus goat) one pound mezze maniche half cup diced onion salt and long pepper dried oregano crushed red pepper flakes olive oil one cup dry rose wine one large can crushed san marzanos parmigiano reggiano for grating Sautee the onions with crushed red pepper flakes, a …

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Sep 19 2011


Let’s kill those fuckers!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 18 2011

Cheese Snack


Sep 17 2011

Rigatoni With Sausage And Clams


INGREDIENTS three fourths pound sweet or hot Italian sausage (we used half and half) one pound rigatoni half cup diced onion quarter cup diced garlic olive oil two cans clams one ten-ounce can clam juice one cup dry rose wine salt and pepper crushed red pepper flakes dried thyme dried oregano one third cup heavy …

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Sep 17 2011



Sep 14 2011


Six hundred saves is a much more amazing physical and mental accomplishment than six hundred home runs. Way to go, Mo! And fuck you ESPN, for having a picture of Tim Wakefield–a fucken geezer knuckleballer–on your front page and not Rivera. Two hundred wins is *nowhere* near the accomplishment of six hundred saves. Over one …

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Sep 13 2011

Meaningless Fact Revealed By Obsessive Dickeing Around On NIH Web Site

The National Institutes of Health is obligated by statute to make public information concerning the biomedical research grants it funds. There are two main sources of such information that are updated on a weekly basis to reflect newly awarded grants. One is the NIH RePORTER Web site, which allows one to search a database of …

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Sep 12 2011

Penne With Luganega And Tomato Cream Sauce


INGREDIENTS three fourths pound luganica one pound penne salt and pepper crushed red pepper flakes dried oregano half cup diced onion six diced garlic cloves one cup dry white wine one and three fourths cup crushed san marzanos quarter cup heavy cream (plus a splash!) three tablespoons chopped flat parsley (basil would go great, but …

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