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Sep 29 2011

HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!

Fucken dumshitte Red Sock fans must be so fucken miserable right now!!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 27 2011

Lies About Workplace Productivity

Pascale has a post up giving some tips for avoiding distractions–many of them from the Internet–while trying to get work done. These are probably perfectly good ideas if you are seeking to increase your sustained focus at work. However, she also refers to a published article announcing that workplace distractions, those that take us off-task, …

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Sep 25 2011

Ham-Eating Wasp


This fucken wasp was absolutely incessant about getting into the motherfucken iberico. And once it was in there, it was fucken chowing down. Anybody got a clue as to what kind of wasp would be interested in eating iberico ham? UPDATE: Check this fucken shitte out. This is pretty clearly the exact same kind of …

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Sep 24 2011

Baked Rigatoni


INGREDIENTS twelve ounces ricotta one ball of mozzarella half cup diced onion six diced garlic cloves salt and long pepper one cup chopped baby spinach crushed red pepper flakes one pinch oregano (crushed in your fingers to dust) one cup dry white wine large can diced san marzanos small can crushed san marzanos one pound …

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Sep 22 2011

Grant Peer Review Study Section Targeting

A potential strategy–one that I have employed to great effect–is to target study sections that are *not* filled with subfield experts. This scares people because, “OMFG! They won’t understand my science and why it is important!” However, my experience is that it is a lot easier to explain your science to a non-subfield-expert audience sufficiently …

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Sep 22 2011

AL East Clinched11!!!!111!!111!!

YEAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 22 2011

Favorite Books

I was glancing drunkenly at my bookshelves, and I noticed one of my favorite books of all time. It is the 1983 paperback version of the famous 1979 Arion Press edition of Moby Dicke, set by hand beautifully in Goudy Modern, with illustrations by Barry Moser. When I was a freshman in college, I came …

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Sep 21 2011

Post-Season Clinch!

The Yanks have clinched a post-season berth!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fucke, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 21 2011


It is so crackeing me the fucke uppe that all those dumshitte Red Sock fans up in farty motherfucken Beantown are rooting for the fucken Yankees right now!!!!! Hahahahah. Fucken Red Sock assewaddes.

Sep 20 2011

Teaching Science To Undergraduates With Lab Courses

Undergraduate lab courses–as currently constituted–are worse than worthless, because they give a grossly misleading picture of what it is like to actually pursue a scientific question in the lab. They are built around little technical demonstrations with a preordained outcome, and they give students the impression that being a scientist is boring, routine, and mechanical, …

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