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Aug 30 2011


Fucke you, Lackey, you fucken dumshitte! You sure “punished” Cervelli for clapping by plunking him, and now he’s on third fucken base with no outs. Fucken asshole red sock motherfuckers. UPDATE: And now he just scored ON A DOUBLE PLAY. Way to keep your eye on the fucken prize, Lackey, you big dumb douchewheel.

Aug 29 2011


Why the motherfucken fucke are these dumshitte tennis players shrieking every time they hitte the fucken ball like they’re getting eviscerated with a rusty scythe?

Aug 28 2011


Is there a single Oriloe fan at the game tonight?

Aug 28 2011

Hurricane Irene Ground-Zero Disaster Armageddon Lunch


pumpernickel iberico pork loin sopressata picante new york state pork sausage tarentaise vermont cheese colman’s mustard Now we got a Yankees double-header!

Aug 28 2011

Hurricane Armageddon Rigatoni Ragu


INGREDIENTS one pound rigatoni (spend the money on decent dried pasta) 3/4 pound ground meat (I used an even beef/pork/veal mix) 1/3 cup diced onion 1/3 cup diced carrot 1/3 cup diced celery six cloves garlic, diced one bay leaf one large can crushed san marzano tomatoes salt and pepper olive oil one cup white …

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Aug 28 2011

Hurricane Emergency Preparedness Breakfast


This is a fried egg on polenta with comte cheese. The large black flakes are mediterranean black diamond finishing salt. Here is the polenta recipe: Mix one cup of milk and one cup of water and bring to a simmer, adding salt and fresh-ground black pepper to taste. Mix one cup stone-ground yellow corn meal …

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Aug 27 2011

Hurricane Disaster Preparedness


Aug 27 2011

Veal Piccata With Porcini Risotto


INGREDIENTS three quarters ounce dried porcini mushrooms four pasture-raised veal scallopinis flour salt and pepper (I used my new blend) olive oil half cup diced onion fucketonne diced garlic juice of one half lemon three tablespoons chopped flat parsley one and one half cups dry white wine two cups veal or chicken stock (or other …

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Aug 27 2011

Fucke Religion

If there were a hell, filthy lying hate-filled religious scum would burn there for all eternity. Of all the most vile destructive heinous aspects of humanity, religion ranks up there with war, rape, and slavery.

Aug 26 2011

Fucken Hell

Listening to these fatuous coddled millionaire teevee douchebagge motherfuckers exhorting the little people about how to behave during this hurricane makes me want to fucken hammer nails through my fucken dicke. I hope trees fall on these assholes as they walk from the teevee studio to their fucken limos and then as they lie there …

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