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Jul 31 2011


We are live at Freethoughtblogs!! I am a punkeasse little guy compared to PZ and Big Ed. I will be posting on politics, practice of science, food, Yankees baseball, booze, and other shitte!

Jul 30 2011

Disaster Capitalism Kabuki

Investors also piled into Treasurys, driving down the yield on the benchmark 10-year note sharply to 2.804%, its lowest close since last November. Yields, which fall as prices rise, cratered as investors searched for a safe haven ahead of the Aug. 2 debt-ceiling deadline. All three major credit-rating firms have warned they could lower the …

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Jul 29 2011

Gee, How Surprising

Right-wing teabagger lying “fiscal conservative” greedy vicious piece of shit owes his child over $100,000 in back child support that the fucken scumbag never paid. These fucken teabagger shitheels are a suppurating pustule on the hairy ass of the american polity and should be kicked to the fucken curb with extreme prejudice in 2012.

Jul 24 2011

Grilled Marinated Shrimp With Otto File Polenta


MARINADE INGREDIENTS quarter cup basil leaves quarter cup cilantro leaves six garlic cloves two tablespoons chili garlic sauce two tablespoons fish sauce one teaspoon finely grated lemon zest one teaspoon finely grated lime zest two tablespoons honey half cup olive oil (This is a slightly modified version of a marinade recipe from the July issue …

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Jul 21 2011

Fact of the Day

Gibbering dumfucke Congressional Republicans objectively hate America, as proven by their gleefulness at taking the nation to the brink (and if they get their way, over the edge) of fiscal disaster, willfully destroying our global creditworthiness without any reason to do so beyond the voices they hear in their sickefucke heads. And the greedy right-wing …

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Jul 19 2011

Fact of the Day

Tropicana Field is not fit for playing major league baseball games. UPDATE:Fucke this goddamn motherfucken shittehole fucken stadium.

Jul 17 2011


Jul 17 2011

Faceshitte and Google+shitte

Fucke all this faceshitte google+shitte garbage. I am trivial to find on the Internet if someone wants to find me, and I really don’t give a fucken shitte about anyone’s fucken children or pets and how fucken cute they are or their stupid fucken hobbies. PhysioWife dickes around on faceshitte, and sometimes she shows me …

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Jul 17 2011

Risotto Bolognese


INGREDIENTS one cup vialone nano rice (obviously, you can use arborio or carnaroli) half pound ground veal shoulder quarter cup diced onion quarter cup diced carrot quarter cup diced celery bay leaf salt and pepper small splash oude genever one third cup dry white one pint veal stock (diluted 1:1 with water to make one …

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Jul 11 2011

Fucke The Fucken Home-Run Derby

I fucken hate this boring stupid fucken exercise in pandering to gibbering assholes. And if Robbie Cano fuckes uppe his fucken swing with this garbage, I’m gonna be fucken pissed!

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