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Jun 19 2011

Risotto With Sausage, Tomato, and Truffle Cheese


Ingredients two cups carnaroli rice half pound italian sausage one quart veal stock from butcher olive oil quarter cup diced onion quarter cup diced shallot six diced garlic cloves salt and pepper large can crushed san marzano tomatoes grated parmigiano reggiano for garnish quarter cup grated italian hard cheese with truffles two tablespoons chopped italian …

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Jun 17 2011


Jun 11 2011

Question for Readers

If anyone knows how to install Google Gears and use it with Google reader to download all your unread shitte and then read it will offline, please leave step-by-step instructions in the comments. I tried to follow the instructions I found on-line, and supposedly there would be some kind of “offline” icon to click once …

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Jun 10 2011


Joe Girardi is fucken LIVID! YEAH! Kick some fucken asse DUDE!!!!!!

Jun 10 2011


Jun 07 2011

Thought For The Day

It is fucken awesome when you get to the end-stage of collaboratively editing a manuscript with your trainee, and you are arguing strenuously about some wording, and your hearts are pounding and your voices are rising! That’s when you know the paper is *really* close to ready to submit!

Jun 07 2011

Mike Greenberg Is A Boring Irrelevant Bagge Of Dickes

Who the fucke is the fucken audience for Greenberg’s incessant discursive blithering about all kinds of meta-sports drivel, like “whether fans are justified in perceiving the comments of so-and-so as disgraceful and and insult and a bad role model for our youth”? How about some actual motherfucken analysis of the motherfucken SPORTS, and not the …

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Jun 04 2011

Ragu Risotto


Ingredients: two cups carnaroli rice ten ounces lean ground beef/veal/pork mixture half cup diced onion quarter cup diced carrot quarter cup diced celery quarter cup diced prosciutto (fattier is better) salt and pepper one tablespoon tomato paste in a tube one small can diced san marzano tomatoes quarter cup parmigiano reggiano (plus a little more …

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Jun 04 2011



While the ragu simmers, we are having a little snack and playing some fucken YAHTZEE!

Jun 03 2011

Pisco Motherfucken Sour!!!11!!1!!BEBELNYTYT!!11!!!


fill your shaker with ice squeeze in the juice of one lemon shake in a few teaspoons of granulated sugar pour in a generous fucken portion of pisco top the motherfucker up with pellegrino carbonated water (allow the fizz to disspate) Cap that fucker up, shake the shit out of it, and pour into a …

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