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May 16 2011

Jeezus Motherfucken Fucke

Whoever were the “engineers” who designed the mechanisms for placing and positioning tables on the page in Microsoft Word should burn in the deepest hottest circle of hell for all eternity.

May 14 2011

Veal Milanese with Risotto Milanese


bv Ingredients: veal scallopinis flour eggs plain bread crumbs cooking oil (olive for risotto/canola for veal) one cup carnaroli rice big splash pisco big splash corenwijn one quart veal stock purchased at butcher, diluted with one pint water third cup diced onion (not too fine) half cup freshly grated parmigiano reggiano (and a little more) …

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May 14 2011


What kind of fucken dippeshitte lives in New York City and orders pizza from motherfucken Dominos?

May 13 2011

Sushi For One


May 11 2011

Indisputable Fact of the Day

Threaded comments are a goddamn motherfucken blight on the fucken bloggosphere. The only people who like them are logorrheic blithering fucken assholes.

May 08 2011

Poppe Quiz!!!!!!!!

What news outlet published an article containing this paragraph? The problem is that the proposed [Republican] spending cuts would disproportionately affect the current generation of children. It’s emblematic of skewed priorities that the same Congress that on Apr. 15 approved Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-Wisc.) budget proposal to exempt anyone 55 and older from changes in …

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May 07 2011

Sushi! FUCKE, YEAH!!!!!!!!!


May 02 2011

Doesn’t Mean Jacke Shitte

Let’s say that we did actually kill Osama Bin Laden. While it may be gratifying from an emotional standpoint, it doesn’t mean jacke diddly fucke from any practical perspective. The idea that Osama had continued to serve as some sort of operational “mastermind” after 9/11–if he even ever was before that–is an infantile fantasy. Muslims …

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May 01 2011

Mushroom Risotto and Soft-Shell Crabbes


Ingredients: four soft-shell crabbes, cleaned by fishmonger olive oil salt and pepper two cups carnaroli rice one and a half ounces dried porcinis half pound fresh shiitakes two cups vegetable stock (I use Kitchen Basics brand) half cup finely diced onion half cup finely diced shallot flour half cup grated parmigiano reggiano lemons Boil about …

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