May 25 2011

Indisputable Facts of the Day

The most interesting, eloquent, and funniest blogges are written by women. By far. The vast majority of pompous, humorless, boring blogge drivel is written by men.


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  1. 1

    Thank you! We at grumpy rumblings will accept that compliment.

    (… and set up for “I didn’t say which blogges…”)

  2. 2

    ‘Tis true.

  3. 3
    Athena Andreadis

    The reason is simple and rather well-known: women have to be ten times better than men to get a tenth of the recognition.

  4. 4
    Michael DeMarco


  5. 5

    Self-deprecation is an art which cannot be learnt while one’s head is ensconced up one’s backside, as is frequently the case with many men. Obviously, there are notable exceptions.

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