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Apr 29 2011

RIP Poly Styrene

Apr 28 2011

Academic Randism

Academics are very foolish to the extent–which can be quite extreme–that they fail to attribute value to the organizational and administrative acts and actors without which their scholarship is totally impossible. As Dr. Crazy pointed out quite vividly in her post yesterday, those things are just as “real” and necessary a component of academic life …

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Apr 25 2011


Can someone please explain to me why the White House easter egg hunt isn’t on motherfucken easter?

Apr 24 2011

Shrimp Saffron Risotto


Ingredients: two cups carnaroli or arborio rice one pound shrimp half cup finely diced onion half cup finely diced shallot six large cloves finely diced garlic salt and pepper olive oil one quart fish stock (bought at local fish market) half cup pureed san marzano tomatoes generous splash corenwijn one cup gruner veltliner (or other …

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Apr 23 2011

Four Cheezez


Apr 22 2011

Sushi Tyme


Apr 22 2011

Just Fail


Apr 19 2011

Speeling Fail


Apr 17 2011

Farfalle With Sausage And Ricotta


Ingredients: one pound farfalle olive oil half cup ricotta cheese half pound sausage one small yellow onion salt and pepper one and a half cups chopped san marzano tomatoes with juice two tablespoons torn basil chilean pisco reservado parmagiano reggiano Sautee onions until golden brown, adding fresh ground pepper to taste. (Be very careful with …

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Apr 16 2011



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