Apr 02 2011

Motherfucken Goddamn Motherfuckers!!!!!!

Somebody better do something totally motherfucken hilarious on the motherfucken Internetz RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! Or somebody’s gonna get HURT!!!!!!!!!!!


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    It’s a lovely day out. You could go for a walk.

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    All sorts of hilarity on twitter. You should try it.

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    Well, Saturdays are always painfully slow in the blogosphere. I suppose everyone’s doing laundry/mowing lawns/shopping for groceries… All known as hilarity-busting activities.

  5. 5
    Dr. Sneetch

    I’ve run out of funny things to say. Yeah somebody better say it, I could use a good laugh.

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    Here. Manjazzling:
    The best part is either the terrifying photoshop of a human abdomen, or the fact that Manjazzling is an intriguing second thought without any detail whatsoever. A friend of mine pointed out that David Beckham must be the pinup boy for Manjazzling.

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    Make your lady smile dude.
    You have a way with words that cannot be denied.

    Why the hell you think I worried you like a starving dog with a bone?

    You have a talent but you aren’t an ornery fucking bastard yet.
    I have been waiting.
    It will come.Get a little more prolific.

    I have not forgotten what you did for me either.

    Never will.

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