Monthly Archive: March 2011

Mar 11 2011

Uncharacteristically Bad Advice From NIAID

NIAID has done an amazing jobbe of posting all kinds of detailed information and advice on their Web site for NIH grant applicants. New PIs should be spending literally hours there reading and thinking. However, they have provided some *bad* advice concerning the grant abstract. First, they grossly inflate the importance of the abstract to …

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Mar 10 2011

Studying Study Sections

If you are not aware of the trends of expertise on the various study sections that could conceivably be a relevant home for your grant, haven’t studied the grant titles/PIs/abstracts that have been funded after review in those study sections, are not involved in ongoing discussions with SROs about this issue and to provide input …

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Mar 05 2011

Catte Hilariousity

It crackes my shitte uppe that cattes have a hierarchy of people to whom they parcel outte their affection, wherein who gets itte depends upon who is in the house.

Mar 03 2011

More Twitter Nonsense

A blogging colleague is trying to decide whether to continue to “resist” twittering, and a bunch of mopes are trying to talk him into “embracing” it. One of their stupid rationalizations is that twitter is a great way to access the scientific literature and that it is really good for fostering actual science. What a …

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