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Jan 22 2011

Peeve of the Daye

“Head space” is one of the most annoying fucken terms in the english language. This is not 1969, and we’re not in the Haight. Is there really something wrong with all the other ways to refer to one’s mental state?

Jan 21 2011

“Publishing Strategy”

It is good to thinke about “publishing strategy” in relation to projects in your labbe, but it is dangerous to do this too soon. For example, a commenter at Professor in Training’s blogge relates the following: I worried that starting every one-on-one meeting talking about publishing strategy, even when the student barely has data for …

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Jan 21 2011

Peeve of the Day

For motherfucken fucke’s sake, when you send a fucken e-mail announcing a motherfucken seminar, could you put the motherfucken date, time, location, speaker name, and title in the re: line and/or text of the motherfucken e-mail and not just in a motherfucken attachment? Is this too much to fucken aske? Do you really think it …

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Jan 18 2011

Thought For The Day

One of the best things about college basketball is the squeaking of all the sneakers on the fucken court.

Jan 17 2011

Twitter And Scholarly Discourse

Roxie’s World has an outstanding post up concerning the role that twitter played at this big MLA (Modern Language Assembly?) humanities shindig that just happened in LA. She takes a balanced view on the roles of twitter as a communication medium for scholars, but also expresses some concerns. For example, of the approximately 7000 tweets …

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Jan 16 2011

Start Spreading The News


Jan 16 2011

Can You Dig It?


Jan 16 2011

To A Simpler Place And Time


Jan 15 2011



Jan 12 2011

Shipment Arrived!!!!!111!1!1!111!!!111!!


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