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Jan 30 2011

Shrimp Fusilli


Ingredients: one pound medium shrimp, cut into thirds one pound fusilli one fucketonne garlic, minced half-bottle dry white wine two bottles clam juice extra virgin olive oil some fresh sage, chopped fine generous splash corenwijn salt & peppa to taste Sautee the garlic on low-medium heat until translucent (don’t scorche the shitte!). Throw in the …

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Jan 29 2011


Yeah, fine. Ohio State is undefeated, but who the fucke do they playe? The Bigge Easte has been fucken battering the shitte out of eache other, and are hardened in a flaming crucible.

Jan 29 2011

Blackberry History


Jan 28 2011

Totally Fucken Hilarious Catte Shitte

How cattes react when you invade their personal space.

Jan 28 2011

Not This Motherfucken Gibberish Again

Tenured Radical published a guest poste today from some Austrobelgian dipshitte named Katrina Gulliver at Ludwig Maximillian University, whatever the fucke thatte is. While the poste is a well-written exploration of the roles of bloggeing in academia, it also contains a bunch of snide passive-aggressive attacks on pseudonymous bloggeing. This fucken drivel includes the following …

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Jan 24 2011

Music For Roxie’s World

Jan 23 2011

Sacke Du Faile


Jan 23 2011



Jan 23 2011

Question for Readers

Am I recalling correctly that Flozell Adams was a blind-side tackle when he was in Dallas? (Now in Pittsburgh, he’s not.)

Jan 23 2011

Pungent Yet Creamy


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