Jan 24 2011

Music For Roxie’s World


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    I was just thinking that it was time for some Buzzcocks! For realz. I was trying to remember which one/s I’ve already posted on my blog, and which one I might post tomorrow.

  2. 2

    I skipped the Buzzcocks and went with SKA bands, which seem even more retro than Pete Shelley & the gang.

  3. 3
    Comrade PhysioProf

  4. 4

    As I long suspected, Comrade, you are much, MUCH cooler than the moms are music-wise, though it’s gratifying to know we have disco in common. Those Buzzcock fellas know how to get an old broad’s toe tapping, though, don’t they? We might have to check them out. The problem in this household is that the Springsteen obsession occupied all the space that might otherwise have been taken up by punk in its, um, glory days. Moose discovered the Pixies a couple of years ago, but it’s too late. She can’t catch up. Plus, she has to leave room for show tunes and all the other sentimental crap that makes you want to barf whenever you stumble upon it over at our place. Anyhoo, thanks for the musical interlude and the window into your taste. It’s been awhile since we got serenaded!

  5. 5

    CPP, you spin me right round!

  6. 6

    I think we should bring back those gratuitous eye patches as a fashion statement… watch out here I come!

  7. 7

    They all laughed at Hershey and his chocolate bar…..


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