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Dec 12 2010

Faculty Job Application Research Plans (UPDATED)

I am serving on a faculty search committee right now and reading a bunch of applications. Some of these fucken dipshitte applicants are providing research plans–the summary of current research and future directions to be taken when the applicant starts her own labbe–that are nearly fifteen motherfucken pages long with nearly one hundred motherfucken references …

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Dec 12 2010

Hilarious Link Spam

How fucken hilarious is the body text of this link spam I just deleted? I be enduring read a scarcely any of the articles on your website in the present circumstances, and I definitely like your fashionableness of blogging. I added it to my favorites trap stage roster and disposition be checking promote soon. Cheer …

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Dec 12 2010



UPDATE: Photographs courtesy of PhysioWife!

Dec 11 2010



Dec 10 2010

Privilege and Oppression

I am sure it is exhausting and disheartening to be constantly smacked with other people’s privilege, and then to have salt rubbed in the wound by the additional smack of “and we’re only going listen to your experience of oppression if you couch it in terms and with a tone *we* deem acceptable”. My personal …

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Dec 04 2010


Dec 03 2010

Social Media

Fucken twittering facebooking gibbering fucken imbeciles voluntarily delivering their private lives to fucken sociopathic corporations for resale to other fucken sociopathic corporations. I’ll fucken hammer a billion nails through my fucken dicke and pour a trillion gallons of gasoline on it and light the motherfucker on fire with a fucken thermonuclear bomb before I’ll involve …

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Dec 01 2010

Conservative Consistency

Stan Collender–a very smart dude, but living in the past–doesn’t understand why “conservatives” are all for fiscal restraint and government efficiency, yet against red-light cameras and TSA body scanners. He thinks these “conservatives” are being inconsistent, because red-light cameras and TSA body scanners are automated devices that make it cheaper, easier, and more efficient to …

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Dec 01 2010

Second Thought For The Day

If your “bread” recipe has a cup of sugar, a stick of butter, and a couple of eggs in it, it ain’t motherfucken bread; it’s cake.

Dec 01 2010

Thought For The Day

Your blogge is not a “space”, and you sound like a staggeringly pompous douchbagge when you call it that.

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