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Nov 15 2010


I take back everything I’ve ever said about Andy Reid. For now.

Nov 14 2010

Military Service

There used to be an expectation that even the wealthy and privileged owed military service to the nation. For example, George HW Bush served bravely in WWII, as did many others from his socioeconomic class. There is a good bit of historical scholarship addressing why this changed, and the obvious outcome is greedy infantile right-wing …

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Nov 13 2010

Damn Fucken Straight!


Nov 12 2010

Taxes and Deficits and Citizenship

PhysioWife and I are in the income bracket that will pay a substantially greater federal tax bill if the Bush tax cut for the > $250,000 income level is allowed to lapse. And we *want* that motherfucker to lapse. We are financially comfortable, and it is more important to us that we live in a …

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Nov 12 2010

Holy Crappe!

I had no fucken idea Diamond wrote this fucken songe! (h/t Balloon Juice)

Nov 12 2010

Holy FUcke!


Rex Ryan’s brother is a freaky motherfucker!!!!

Nov 12 2010

Sorbet and Ice Cream


Nov 08 2010


Vick was absolutely outstanding yesterday. You can tell that he is thinking and behaving like a leader now. My hypothesis is that doing hard time in fucken prison led to significant soul-searching and a cognitive and emotional maturation process.

Nov 06 2010


Dunno if any of you fuckers remember when I was asking about this fucken weird-ass comic strip that I couldn’t remember what it was. Well, I finally found the motherfucker!!!! Kaz’s Underworld!

Nov 03 2010


It’s pointless to talk to anyone until you get your summary statement. You are absolutely forbidden from contacting the study section chair (or any other member of the study section) regarding your application. It is not impermissible to contact the SRO of the study section, but it is pointless, as they are only supposed to …

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