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Nov 30 2010

Letters of Reference

It is a professional obligation for academics to provide complete honest letters of reference for the people they mentor, and it is unconscionable to use such letters as bludgeons for the purpose of extorting compliant behavior.

Nov 28 2010

Latest Wikileak

None of these “leaks” are the slightest bit of surprise or news to the governments of our allies or enemies. The only import of these leaks is that they reveal to the non-elites of the western democracies that everything their governments tell them about international diplomacy is a complete total lie.

Nov 28 2010

Science Cherleaders III

We have awesome tittes and we’re gonna shake ‘em, and we’re gonna tell little girls to shake their tittes, and if you don’t like it, you’re a fugly repressed cunt. Oh, and science, yay.

Nov 28 2010

Teaching Evaluations

If you were attemping to design the worst possible method of assessing teaching effectiveness, it’d be pretty fucken hard to outdo student evaluations. Students haven’t the faintest fucken clue what good teaching is about, they don’t know what they need to learn, and they don’t know how to judge whether they are learning it. Do …

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Nov 26 2010

Science Cheerleaders II

Some of the discussion about Science Cheerleaders has devolved into a focus on the “thoughts” inside the minds of the girls/women who “choose” to cheer and of the boys/men who “choose” to leer. The underlying assumption is that hott sexxay bangable is a bug in the cheerleading program, and if people just “open their minds” …

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Nov 24 2010

Science Cheerleaders

There has been some discussion of the Science Cheerleaders movement to teach young girls that they can totally embrace their femininity as cheerleaders, while still being scientists. Personally, I think Science Cheerleaders kickes motherfucken asse! I fucken love HOTT chicks with awesome racks and booties and I thinke science cheerleaders is fucken awesome! This way …

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Nov 24 2010

Choo Choo

Nov 23 2010

Sushi Tiem!


Nov 21 2010



Nov 20 2010


I can’t thinke of anythinge amusing to write a blogge poste aboute. Hooke me uppe, motherfuckers!

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