Monthly Archive: October 2010

Oct 02 2010


There is a very interesting discussion going on at Biochem Belle’s blog concerning who in a lab needs to “understand” a method in order for that method to be effectively deployed. Interestingly, the ridiculous claim is being made by some participants in the discussion that PIs need to have experience with a method in order …

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Oct 02 2010

Enhancing Peer Review

Jeremy Berg–director of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences–has recently been posting some fascinating analyses of the recently modified NIH peer review process at his blog, including the relationship among overall impact scores, percentiles, and funding decision, as well as the correlations between the various criterion scores–significance, innovation, investigator, environment, approach–and overall impact scores. …

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Oct 01 2010


I’m getting fucken bored with this blogge. Anyone gotte any fucken ideas?

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