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Oct 13 2010



Oct 12 2010

Lemme Get This Straight

Hockey players beat the fucken shitte out of each other, bloodying each other with fists to the face and head, with no consequence but penalties, but if you make an “obscene gesture”, you’re suspended for two games? That must’ve been some fucken gesture!

Oct 11 2010


Phillies pitching is great against the quadruple-A batters of the National League. Let’s see how they do against real major leaguers.

Oct 10 2010



Anybody know what kind of bird this is?

Oct 10 2010


Oct 07 2010

Double Fucke, Double Yeah!

Oh, yeah, mothercufucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 07 2010

Fucke, YEAH!

I love CC Sabathia and Mariano and Yankees bats (especially Tex with the game-winner)!!!

Oct 04 2010

Fucken Deranged

Some fucken douchebagges called the National Collector’s Mint are selling 10th anniversary 9/11 commemorative medallions with an inlaid bas relief rendition of the World Trade Center towers “made from silver recovered from beneath the ashes of the World Trade Center ruins”. WTFF!?!?!?

Oct 03 2010

Excellent Riposte!

h/t Balloon Juice.

Oct 03 2010


Anybody who’s watching the Eagles-Deadskins game, what the fucke is uppe with the pink shoes, gloves, and chinstraps some of the players are wearing?

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