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Oct 30 2010

Tough First Half

Oct 30 2010

Revise and Resubmit

Oct 30 2010



100% rice shochu aged for one month in cedar casks. This shitte is DA BOMBE!

Oct 24 2010

Reversing Momentum

Eagles-Titans game today is one of the most extreme reversals of momentum I have ever seen in a football game. Fucken fucke.

Oct 23 2010

Fall Continued


Oct 23 2010

Democrats Make Me Fucken Puke

This whole Juan Williams thing is a perfect fucken example of how fucken puketastic the Democratic Party is. For the Republicans, every time the Democrats or anyone who can be associated with the Democrats–like some NGO or a low-level govt bureaucrat–does the slightest fucken obscure little thing that can be spun appropriately (which is basically …

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Oct 18 2010



Oct 17 2010

350 Bucks

DirectTV NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go is the best fucken 350 smackeroonies I’ve ever spent: every single fucken NFL game streamed in HiDef video on the Internet. YESSS!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE: PhysioWife just reminded me that she bought if for me for our wedding anniversary, so there you go.

Oct 17 2010

C’mon, Andy!!!!!!

You’ve got an 18 point lead, there’s less than ten minutes left in the game, the wind is blowing cross-field like a motherfucker, you’re on the twenty-yard line, it’s fourth and one, your field-goal kicker has already missed two makeable field goals, the Falcon’s defense has been porous to the run, and you *don’t* fucken …

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Oct 15 2010



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