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Aug 09 2010


You gotta fucken score with bases loaded and no fucken outs, motherfuckers! UPDATE: AUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 08 2010

Cordoba House

The only people complaining about this don’t even live in fucken New York City. Listen up you hateful fuckbags: we New Yorkers’ll be the ones to decide what the fuck to do in our own motherfucken city. Now fuck off. And GO YANKEES!

Aug 07 2010

How To Give A Speech

Emmitt Smith’s NFL Hall of Fame acceptance speech tonight was an amazing example of how to give an awesome dramatic speech.

Aug 06 2010

Motherfucken Sushi


Aug 05 2010

Defintion of Pathetic

Watching the Brooklyn Cyclones versus Batavia Muckdogs game. (Yes, they really are called the fucken Muckdogs.) The Muckdogs have a knuckleballer on the mound. He looks about 14 years old.

Aug 04 2010



Aug 04 2010

Tony Dungy

Do these NFL stars with media issues–like Vick a couple years ago and Favre right now–pay Dungy to march all over the fucken teevee propagating their fucken talking points and asserting that jeezus really really really loves their sorry asses?

Aug 03 2010

Blog Deletion

You certainly have the right to delete your blog. And everyone else has the right to conclude you are a pathetic whiny-ass titty-baby passive-aggressive douchebag for doing so.

Aug 01 2010

Who’s Uglier: Devoto or Shelley?

Aug 01 2010

Jeezus Fuck

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