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Aug 30 2010

Backe To Backe!11!111!!!!111!!


Aug 29 2010


Why do the Tampa Bay Rays’ home uniforms look like little boy pajamas?

Aug 29 2010

And Fucke You, Joe Morgan

Morgan is continuing his refusal to address the fact that pitching is now dominating batting because the batters are no longer juiced to the fucken gills. His latest theory is that now all the pitchers have awesome change-ups, and that’s why pitching is dominating batting. I shit you not.

Aug 29 2010

Fuck You, Jon Miller

Dude, pronounce the fucken latino players’ names fucken correctly, not with some stupid fucken made-up bullshit pronounciation that you pulled out of your stupid fucken bald-ass white-ass fucken ass.

Aug 28 2010

Fuck You!

Aug 27 2010

Cat Brains

Cat brains are little cause-effect computing machines: If I lie on my back looking all cute, then some asshole will come over and rub my fucken tummy.

Aug 22 2010


Poor fucken Lou Pinella is crying his fucken eyes out.

Aug 21 2010

Lab Rotations

Samia has a guest post up from an anonymous grad student who just passed the qualifying exam after only the first year of grad school, and who managed this accomplishment by somehow getting permission from the department to not do the required first-year lab rotations and starting immediately in the lab of the thesis advisor. …

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Aug 21 2010



Aug 12 2010

Holy Fucken Fucke!!

Didde you know thatte iffe you putte a Youtube URL in a WordPresse commentte, itte embeddes the motherfucker!?!?!?!?!?!? TRY ITTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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