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Jul 23 2010

Oh, Yeah


Jul 22 2010



Jul 20 2010

Terry Castle’s The Professor

Comrade PhysioProf is not much of a book reviewer, but I recently read a memoir that is totally fucking hilarious. It is called The Professor, and it is by Terry Castle, who is a professor of English (I think) at Stanford University. The basic gist of the memoir is that it is the story of …

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Jul 19 2010

Hot Scientist Babes Gate

Some fuck-up skepticatheist or whatthefuckever published a blog post last week entitled “15 Sexy Scientists (with pics, of course)”, in which he embedded photos he found on the Web of female scientists that he apparently considers “sexy”. There has been a fuckton of discussion of this on various blogs–including that of the skeezbag motherfucker himself–about …

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Jul 18 2010

HIP! HIP! JORGE!~!!!!!!


Jul 18 2010



Jul 13 2010


Great owner; far-right-wing jingoistic asshole.

Jul 12 2010

How Fucking Stupid Do They Think We Are?

The commentators of the dumb boring stupid fucking All-Star home-run derby are talking about why the last few years, pitching has been a fuckton better, so few homers have been hit, and there have been a statistically abnormal number of no-hitters and perfect games. One of the douchebags wonders why that is, and Morgan says–I …

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Jul 10 2010


Joba has some kind of psychological problem and should not be pitching in a major league game until he figures this shit out.

Jul 10 2010


Corporations are legally obligated to make decisions that would be considered sociopathic if made by individual human beings. This is because the directors and officers of a corporation have a fiduciary obligation to maximize the profits of the shareholders, and if they make decisions on other bases–things like decency, charity, sympathy, intellectual honesty, etc–they will …

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