May 04 2010


Razib just plotted the correlation between strength of one’s vocabulary and the propensity to drink fucking booze using the data from the GSS:



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  1. 1

    all those douches complaining about his restricting the range on his graphs are cracking me the fuck up!

  2. 2

    i did the restriction purposely to show the differences. i gave them links and variables to replicate what took me no more than 20 minutes in the middle of the night in a break between coding to do.

    i do do a lot of range restriction, but that’s because it’s a blog format and i’m constrained for space. even on the vertical if it gets too long people have to page down a lot, and if i keep the graphic small old people can’t read it, etc. etc.

  3. 3

    It’s a pity the data don’t break it down by type of alcohol. I have my suspicions about Yuengling vs. MFJ though.

  4. 4

    @razib- There is a lot of screaming about how you are misleading and misrepresenting without any real detail on how they are supposedly being led down the garden path. it is baffling…

  5. 5
    Candid Engineer

    This might explain why I went on a booze cruise with a group from my university this past weekend and half of us had been cut off at the boat bar by 9pm.

  6. 6
    Isis the Scientist

    I am totally a 10.

  7. 7

    Some days I think I am both a 9 and a 10 combined.

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