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May 31 2010

Central Park Cardinal


May 31 2010

GLEE Live Tour

If I had twelve dicks, and I hammered twelve rusty nails through each one, poured twelve gallons of gasoline on them, and then lit the fuckers on fire, it still wouldn’t have been one twelfth as painful as sitting through the motherfucking GLEE live tour show.

May 29 2010

Evolutionary Psychology Is A Load Of Steaming Bullshit BINGO


I can’t figure out who originally made this thing, but it is linked to here. And I love the Free Space: Is a male undergrad who can’t get laid.

May 24 2010

Jeezus Pigs

Jeezus pigs have absolutely no conscience whatsoever. Lying for jeezus is a positive moral good in their sick twisted hateful world. This is why these despicable bags of fuck can literally have some poor fucking gay kid sucking their dicks under the desk for pennies while they are on the speaker phone intelligently and effectively …

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May 21 2010

Q For Readers

Why are Mets fans (sad douches that they are) so mad at Oliver Perez?

May 20 2010


A brazen thief just stole $600 billion worth of famous paintings from a museum in Paris: A single masked intruder was caught on a video surveillance camera taking the paintings away, according to the Paris prosecutor’s office. The intruder entered by cutting a padlock on a gate and breaking a museum window, it said. Their …

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May 19 2010

Iberico Motherfucking Ham


May 18 2010

Getting Administrators To Do Shit You Want Them To Do

If you’re gonna walk into an administrator’s office and use language like “it’s not fair”, you may as well just say “don’t worry; you can keep fucking me over, because I’m not going to do anything about it”. Administrator’s don’t give a fuck about abstract subjective shit like “fairness”; they give a shit about consequences. …

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May 17 2010



May 15 2010

WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Facebook Is A Big Meanie!!!!

Fuck facebook. I would sooner drive a nail through my dick than diddle around with that shit. And all you bags of fuck who are whining and crying about how facebook is totally mean and evil because they are totes violating your privacy, go fuck yourselves. You were fucking stupid enough to rush like motherfucking …

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