Monthly Archive: February 2010

Feb 10 2010

Navigating Administrative Bureaucracy

I always remind myself of these things just before any meeting with a person in an administrative role who has the power to make a decision that I want to turn out a specific way: (1) The administrator has goals that, at most, only partially overlap with my own, and are likely to be totally …

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Feb 10 2010


Do delusional right-wing fuck-ups like this cockbag calling himeslf “Vegofish” have the faintest fucking clue what they are talking about when they regurgitate the “Statist” claim they hear emanating from their sick-fuck right-wing propaganda outlets?

Feb 07 2010

Who Dat?!

It’s motherfucking party time in New Orleans tonight!

Feb 06 2010

1000 Motherfucking People?

Less than 1000 fucking people are attending this right-wing fuck-up confab tea party convention, and this is the biggest fucking political news since infinity????? What fucking planet are we on, cause it ain’t planet Earth?

Feb 06 2010

Palin Tea Party Convention Speech Bingo

Peteykins of Princess Sparkle Pony has created this totes coolio bingo card for tonight’s Sarah Palin speech at the wackaloon right-wing fuck-up tea party convention:

Feb 03 2010

Happy Blogroll Amnesty Day!!!!111!!1!!1!!bjajillipon!!!!1111!!!

Fuck all those huge-ass snoozefest blogs! Here’s to the grass roots motherfuckers that make Blogtopia the fucking awesome place that it is. Remember, comrades, LOOK UP! and LINK DOWN! (Image credit, Skippy!) My favorite commie! My favorite medical student! My favorite medievalist! My favorite group blog! My favorite bartender!

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