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Jan 10 2010

Hardball!? Are You Fucking Kidding Me!?!?!?

Here’s an excerpt from Hardball host Chris Matthews talking about Barack Obama’s response to the pantie-bomber: My idea of a president, my idea of a mayor, a police chief is exactly the same. In fact, the job I‘ve always wanted was police commissioner of Philly, OK? I want to be the guy standing on the …

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Jan 09 2010

Things Comrade PhysioProf Loves (UPDATED)

Flozell Adams standing there with his hands on his hips looking at Tony Romo lying on the fucking ground with the ball and two Eagles on top of his fucking ass. UPDATE: Fuck.

Jan 08 2010

Nation Of Spoiled Children

God forbid the motherfucking President of the United States might have the unmitigated motherfucking gall to schedule the motherfucking State of the Union Address during some motherfucking teevee drivelshit. But thank motherfucking god, potential disaster has been averted: Good news for fans of ”Lost” — the president doesn’t plan to mess up the television show’s …

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Jan 07 2010

Weight Loss Tips From Comrade PhysioProf

Balance your food intake and caloric expenditure so that you dream about food every night. Done!

Jan 05 2010

Pantswetting Millionaire Douchebags

In speaking with pilots, flight attendents, and a few TSA personnel since the pantie-bomber incident, the consensus seems to be that the national-level reaction to this incident is *grossly* overblown. These people deal with air travel every fucking day, and they have a realistic sense for the magnitude of the already vanishingly small risk we …

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Jan 03 2010

Pantswetting Freaks

Some fucking douchebag walks backwards through the security checkpoint and you shut down an entire motherfucking airport???? SACK THE FUCK UP, ASSHOLES!!! WE FOUGHT AND BEAT THE MOTHERFUCKING BRITISH EMPIRE AND WE PISS OUR FUCKING PANTS EVERY TIME WE HEAR A LOUD NOISE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Jan 03 2010

New Theory Of Lab Management

Instead of actually having discussions with my trainees, I am going to be the quarterback of my lab. FIFBTEEN!! THOOUDYTHRAWW!!! HHAAAYY! HHHUNNHHHAHH!!! SBBYTTT!!!! HAH! HAH! HNUUH! HIKE!!!

Jan 02 2010


Do little children need to learn that farts are totally fucking hilarious, or is it a genetically determined innate neuronal control program?

Jan 02 2010

Dreams of Academe

One of the great things about being an academic is that you don’t have to actually take courses and study for exams to continue for the rest of your life regularly waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat from a nightmare in which you HAVE AN EXAM AND YOU FORGOT …

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Jan 01 2010

Thought For The Day

Virile young athletes prancing around on teevee with bible verse citations drawn on their faces should be smote by the god of the israelites.

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