Monthly Archive: December 2009

Dec 06 2009

E – A – G – L – E – S!

Reid’s play-calling seemed a lot less predictable. I also really liked the use of Vick today. NOW GO GIANTS!!!!!!!! (Fuck, that is painful to say…)

Dec 05 2009


Why do delusional jesus-loving college football player fuck-ups with bible verses painted on their faces always thank the lord when they win big games, but never blame the lord when they lose big games?

Dec 05 2009

Buckwheat Shochu Kicks Motherfucking Ass!!


Dec 02 2009

Student Attire

The common student uniform on campus this fall is extremely thin fabric taut pajama bottoms with Uggs on the women, and extremely thin fabric taut pajama bottoms with stoner boots on the men. In both cases, there is way too much visibility of the anatomy underneath the pajama bottoms. I really don’t want to be …

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