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Dec 20 2009


UPDATE: YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 18 2009

Exclamation Of The Day

I am the great Count Douchebaggio of Douchebaggylvania!

Dec 14 2009


What the fucking fuck is the difference between offsides, neutral zone infraction, and encroachment?

Dec 13 2009

McNabb And Reid Save Hannukah!

Anyone who says that Donovan McNabb is not one of the truly elite QBs in the NFL is a fucking delusional douchebag. Latkes and dreidels and motherfucking schewitinis for everyone!!! UPDATE: What the fuck is up with that weird facial hair emanating from the underside of McNabb’s lower lip? UPDATE 2: What the fuck is …

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Dec 12 2009

David Fucking Brooks Ruins Motherfucking Hannukah

Jesus fucking christ: Tonight Jewish kids will light the menorah, spin their dreidels and get their presents, but Hanukkah is the most adult of holidays. It commemorates an event in which the good guys did horrible things, the bad guys did good things and in which everybody is flummoxed by insoluble conflicts that remain with …

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Dec 12 2009

Deep Thoughts

A big part of being creative is realizing that you don’t know jack shit.

Dec 11 2009


What the fuck is “I’ve Seen All Good People” by Yes about, anyway? Fucking chess or something?

Dec 10 2009

Funny Shit

I was in a committee meeting yesterday with several of my colleagues, and the thought kept running through my head as one of them kept making the point that if our university were a corporation and not a university, a certain thing would be be done a different way: IF OUR UNIVERSITY WERE A CORPORATION …

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Dec 09 2009

Defending Dawkins (UPDATED)

For those that aren’t aware, Richard Dawkins edited some kind of compendium of science writing recently published by Oxford University Press. Out of 80-something pieces included in the anthology, only two or three (depending how you count) were written by women. Not surprisingly, Dawkins was called out on his abysmally biased and exclusionary editing job …

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Dec 06 2009

Things That Piss Me Off

The NFL is giving a lot of lip service to reducing concussions, and the refs are definitely making more calls on gratuitous hits to the head of offensive skill players (although doing nothing about the every-single-play low-grade head-jarring of linemen that is causing post-retirement degenerative brain disorders). The fact that they allow the teevee broadcasts …

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