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Oct 31 2009

Hoary Crapola From A Towering Giant

David Hubel has an opinion piece in the current issue of Neuron that is a total complete pile of hoary bullshit whiny-ass moaning and groaning about the “good old days” and how today’s PIs don’t perform “the real science”. Here is but a small sample of the steaming pile of tedious glurge: I have no …

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Oct 31 2009

Tenured Radical On Academic Administration

Tenured Radical hits one out of the park in her review of a new book by Stanley Fish: I particularly like the idea of administrators doing their job well so that I can pay close attention to what I was educated for: teaching, scholarship and providing sane advice on who we ought to hire, not …

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Oct 29 2009

Shorter David “Fuckface Cockwad” Brooks

The Fatal Conceit: Human beings tend to be overconfident. Thus, we should continue to give the greedfuck ultra-rich corporate oligarchs who spent the last 10 years utterly destroying the United States economy complete unfettered free motherfucking rein to continue feasting on the blood, sweat, and tears of the other 99.9% of American citizens.

Oct 25 2009


Oh, this is so, so sweet!!!!!!!! GO MOTHERFUCKING YANKEES!!!11!!11!1!!!

Oct 24 2009


This motherfucking “patriot” shit is really getting on my motherfucking nerves. Listen cockwad, you’re not a motherfucking patriot. You’re a selfish, greedy, lazy, stupid, ignorant, racist, theobigoted, woman-hating, cowardly piece of shit. You’re so fucking artlessly shit-for-brained, you haven’t the faintest fucking idea what’s coming around the bend. And when it comes, it’s gonna knock …

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Oct 23 2009

Stick To The Motherfucking Science, Holmes!

ScienceBlogs has enlisted a new blogger who is an accomplished and well-respected evolutionary biologist, David Sloan Wilson. Unfortunately, however, the dude can’t seem to resist the urge to engage in blithering wackaloon fuckwittitude concerning the relative epistemic status of religion and science. In one post, he writes the following: Science can even be regarded as …

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Oct 19 2009

Question For Readers

Is it just me and my browser, or is the American Express account management Web site douchetastically slow?

Oct 18 2009

E – A – G – L – E – S!!11!!BLAARGH!111!!

Are you fucking kidding me!?!?!?!?

Oct 16 2009


Let’s DO IT!!

Oct 15 2009

Balloon Boy (UPDATED)

I bet the little fucker released the motherfucking balloon, and then hid because he was afraid he was gonna get in trouble. UPDATE: Apparently, the police have now concluded that this was a hoax, a publicity stunt planned by the parents who knew all along that the kid was not in the balloon.

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