Rich-Ass Opera Fans Boo Opera

Am I really supposed to give a flying fuck about this shit?

THE fracas during curtain calls for the Metropolitan Opera’s new production of Puccini’s “Tosca” last Monday is just the latest episode in a grand history of operatic booing. Frank expressions of displeasure pierced the applause at the conclusion of Act II and exploded when the production team took its bows at the end of the opera. Many in the audience took umbrage at the villain’s lewd advances toward a statue of the Madonna; at the failure by Tosca to make her customary sweeping exit after stabbing the villain to death; and at the substitution, after an awkward pause, of a stunt double for her suicidal leap.

So, some rich-ass motherfuckers are booing at the motherfucking opera? And this is a “fracas”? Fuck me.