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Aug 30 2009


Aug 29 2009

Blind Baseball: How Fucking Cool Is This?

There is a competitive baseball-derived game called beep baseball that is played by blind and visually impaired athletes using a modified baseball that emits a beeping sound to enable blind or blindfolded players to locate the ball for hitting and fielding: Beep Baseball, created in the mid 1960′s, is a modified version of traditional baseball …

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Aug 29 2009

What PIs Do

I am reading a cool-ass novel right now called “A Gentleman’s Guide to Graceful Living”, by Michael Dahlie, that was a PEN Hemingway award winner (whatever the fuck that is). One of the minor characters in the book trained as a bush pilot in Alaska, and then over time built his own bush flight operation …

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Aug 25 2009

NFL Starting Quarterbacks and PIs

Here is the list in order of the top 25 ranked starting NFL quarterbacks (as assessed by the NFL.com fantasy prediction Web site) and their colleges: Drew Brees–Purdue Tom Brady–Michigan Peyton Manning–Tennessee Philip Rivers–NC State Aaron Rogers–Cal Kurt Warner–N Iowa Tony Romo–E Illinois Matt Ryan–BC Jay Cutler–Vandy Donovan McNabb–Syracuse Carson Palmer–USC Matt Schaub–Virginia Matt Cassel–USC …

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Aug 23 2009

Motherfucking AWESOME!!!111!

Aug 21 2009

Question For My Readers

Do cats and horses really befriend one another like this?

Aug 21 2009

Boston Sports Hack Bows To Awesomeness of Yankees

Long time Boston partisan hack beat writer and all-around Red Socks suck-up Tony Massarotti recognizes that the Yankees are totally motherfucking awesome, not just because they use their huge budget to buy expensive players, but because they have been really good at nurturing young talent: Tonight, when the New York Yankees rumble into Fenway Park, …

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Aug 16 2009



Aug 15 2009

Guest Post By The Barefoot Bum On Capitalism And Racism

My friend and colleague, Larry Hamelin aka The Barefoot Bum, is guest posting today: Recently, Comrade PhysioProf posted “Diversity” In White Institutions, discussing the Witty Mulatto’s post, stuff white people do: use the word ‘diversity’ to avoid really dealing with ‘race’. I’m entirely sympathetic and supportive of the grievances of people of color, as well …

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Aug 13 2009

HOLY FUCKNOLY!!111!!!11!!

Vick to EAGLES.

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