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Jul 31 2009

Lab Management 101

Janus Professor has an interesting post up in which she expresses concern with the fact that she has been having trouble keeping her emotions in check when interacting with the trainees in her lab: I have been getting frustrated with my group members lately, and since I have no internal filter, my frustration is narrated …

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Jul 30 2009



Jul 30 2009



Jul 30 2009

Weird Blog Rolling Shit

This new wacked out motherfucking blogger has two categories in his blogroll “Clique” and “Other”. There’s a bunch of blogs I recognize in “Clique”, but the only blog in “Other” is Greg Laden’s Blog. What the fuck is up with that shit?

Jul 30 2009


If Obama is gonna invite over Professor Gates and Little-Dick Crowley for a drink, the least he could do is serve some motherfucking Jameson!

Jul 29 2009

Yeah, Baby!!!!!!!!!!!

Who the fuck is three and a half fucking games UP!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Jul 26 2009

Let’s Drink Some Motherfucking Schewitinis!!!!!!!!11!!!ELEVENTY!111!!!

Jul 26 2009

Watch It Motherfucker

Some motherfucker is horning in on the Comrade PhysioProf schtick. This fuckwad better watch his back.

Jul 24 2009

Gates Arrest Cops Gone Mad

Fuck these fucking pigs. Crowley is a fascist authoritarian power-mad sick fuck compensating for his little-dick syndrome, like 90% of all fucking pigs who long to become pigs to make up for their little dicks.

Jul 24 2009

Tour De France Question For My Readers

In today’s field sprint, it looked to me like green jersey Hushovd–who was in perfect third position behind Cavendish and Cavendish’s teammate leading him out–didn’t even attempt to come around Cavendish at the end, and just sat on his wheel to take second place in the stage. Anyone else think this is what happened? Was …

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