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May 17 2009


THIRD STRAIGHT WALK-OFF GAME-WINNING HIT!!!1111!!11!!ELEVENTY!111!!1111!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Break out the motherfucking Jameson!!!1111!!!1111!!1!!!

May 16 2009



May 16 2009

Semester Over

This week our first-year medical students have completed their physiology curriculum. Based at it is on rigorous quantitative analysis of biological function, physiology is the most difficult first-year course. Physiology, by definition, is a quantitative discipline in which the mathematical relationships between interacting biological variables are examined, both empirically and theoretically. We have students who …

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May 15 2009

Yeah, Yeah

Sorry about the paucity of fucking posts this week. Good things in life intrude, but I plan to have something for you soon!! So hoist a glass of motherfucking Jameson! Slainte!

May 09 2009

Rules of Life

When you are dressing to go out on Saturday evening, and your partner/spouse/whothefuckever asks you how what he or she is wearing looks, for fuck’s sake, don’t say it looks like it doesn’t match.

May 09 2009

Fucking ShakyFoot! (UPDATED)


ShakyFoot is the brilliant creation of Zen Comix, one of the most brilliant cartoonists out there. You can get ShakyFoot and other Zen Comix schwag–such as the totes awesome sweatshirt being modeled by yours truly–at the Zen Comix on-line store. UPDATED: A few readers have expressed concern that they “don’t get” ShakyFoot. Here’s the dealio: …

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May 07 2009


Comrade PhysioProf had dinner and drinks with two fantastic bloggers last night, but he’s not telling who!! Hahahaha! What he can say is that his head is fucking killing.

May 06 2009

NIH Challenge Grants

For my readers who aren’t biomedical scientists, the National Institutes of Health–the US Govt agency that funds the vast majority of biological research in the US–was provided with $10 billion dollars additional funds (beyond their current $30 billion annual budget) from the so-called Economic Stimulus Package proposed by President Obama and implemented by Congress to …

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May 03 2009

What The Fuck?

Friend of the blog Scribbler has a great post up at his place cataloguing the side effects of various forms of booze. This particular entry caught my attention: Irish Whiskey: Possible side effects could include blurred vision, rushes of manly bravado and, (especially if ingested as Jameson’s), acute Tourette’s Syndrome whereby “fuck” is inserted every …

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May 02 2009

Note To Senior Faculty

Dear Unproductive Senior Faculty: If you have proven your total inability to effectively manage a laboratory containing a half dozen scientists, where the fuck do you get the cockamamie idea that you know better than the motherfucking dean how to run a motherfucking medical school with hundreds of faculty and thousands of other scientists? And …

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