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Mar 20 2009

Comrade PhysioProf’s NCAA Bracket


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Mar 15 2009

NCAA Hoops Shit

Why are these teevee fuckknobs talking about how Louisville is “the number one seed of number one seeds”? Is this some new shit that the four number ones are seeded with each other? I don’t ever recall that in previous years. Am I delusional?

Mar 14 2009

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Bitchez


Mar 14 2009

REPOST: Constitutional Originalism, Natural Law, and The Ninth Amendment

Conservative legal theorists spend a lot of time talking about how the text of the Constitution should be construed only as it was understood at the time of the Founding and Ratification. Building on this idea, they rail against “judicial activism” and the “creation of new rights” that are not “found in the text” of …

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Mar 11 2009

Holy Fucknoly!!!!11!!!

In another stunning upset, the motherfucking Dutch have clinched advancing to the next round of the World Baseball Classic–and knocked the Dominicans out–by beating the motherfucking Dominicans again!11!!!!!! To give a sense for how huge this upset was, the Dominican pitching staff has had over five hundred wins in the Major Leagues, while the Dutch …

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Mar 08 2009

Magnificent Painting By Jessica Palmer (aka BioE)!!11!! {Updated With Artist’s Annotation!}


Comrade PhysioProf won this beautiful painting by Jessica Palmer–who is also the blogger known as Bioephemera–with the biggest Donors Choose donation to her blog’s challenge. It was matted and framed by an awesome fucking frame shop in the neighborhood. w00t! You can check out a fuckton of her other work here. UPDATE: Here is the …

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Mar 07 2009

Baseball Shit

The motherfucking Dutch beat the motherfucking Dominicans at motherfucking baseball?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Mar 05 2009

Maureen Dowd Is A Fucking Toxic Waste Dump

I always fucking regret it when I read Dowd’s horrible swill, but there I was on the NY Times Web site today, and her March 3 column was on the “Most Popular” doohickey in the sidebar, so I clicked on it. What a fucking mistake. Without even getting into how fucking painful it is to …

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Mar 04 2009

Note To “Moderate” Republicans

It’s so funny when people try to act like there is even the slightest bit of reason remaining in what passes for the right-wing in this country. Here’s a hint: If you think of yourself as some kind of rational moderate right-winger, you need to start a new political party. The Republican Party is nothing …

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Mar 01 2009

Religion Versus Reality

The Barefoot Bum has an interesting post up that touches on the relationship between religion and reality. One of his key insights is this: The problem with religion, any religion, is that some privileged elite almost always has to speak for God. Yep. This is because when you’re just making shit up wholecloth, you can’t …

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